Security Clearance Overview


For years, individuals seeking help with obtaining security clearance or challenging the denial or revocation of security clearance have been able to turn to Gard Law Firm for competent and effective legal representation. Denial or revocation of security clearance can limit one’s advancement in their career or prevent them from obtaining certain employment. Thanks to the skills Gard Law Firm has developed over its years of litigation experience, many of our clients have been able to overcome the challenges and hurdles posed by the security clearance application or appeal process and achieve their personal career goals. 


The Defense Security Service (DSS) is the provider of personnel and industrial security services, i.e., security clearances for the Department of Defense.

Only the company an individual works for can determine that it is necessary for the employee to have access to classified information in order to perform the job. If access to classified information is necessary, then the company may request that the employee be processed for a security clearance. An individual, however, cannot apply for a personnel security clearance. 

In order to determine whether a person represents an acceptable security risk, the DSS looks back as a significant portion of a person’s life to gather and evaluate all available information, favorable and unfavorable, about the applicant. There are several factors that go into denying or granting a person security clearance and the applicant must meet several security guidelines. This wide-ranging approach is known as the, “whole-person concept.” When the information that DSS has gathered on an individual reveals a history of unreliability or untrustworthiness, security clearance may be denied.

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“Jeff Gard is an absolute genius in the court room. He will not disappoint. Honesty and integrity go hand and with Mr Gard. He said what he meant and meant what he said. He never once made me feel like I was just another one of many clients. Always returned my calls /emails promptly. We won the case but had we lost I would still be writing this positive review. I never had any doubt from the first time we met that he was the right choice. If I ever needed an attorney again I would not hesitate for even a second to hire Mr Gard again. What a class act.”

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