Security Clearance Process

Getting Started

In order to obtain security clearance, the applicant must complete the SF86 application. It can be viewed using this link: Standard Form 86 – Questionnaire for National Security

In completing this form, you will be asked many questions about your past and your fitness for clearance. You should carefully review the application questions and gather all of the information necessary to complete the application. Here are some highlights:

  • Employment History. You should expect your current and past employers to be interviewed. You should let them know if you have listed them in your application.
  • Citizenship
  • Residence. Be advised that you will have to identify a neighbor who knows you and you should expect that person to be interviewed. You should let them know if you have listed them in your application.
  • Education
  • Military Service, if any
  • People who know you well. Again, make sure to let anyone you list know that they are likely to be contacted.
  • Relatives
  • Foreign travel and foreign contacts. This includes any foreign travel and contacts.
  • Foreign activities and business interests
  • Psychological and emotional health
  • Police contact and criminal conduct. If there is any such information, you need to be truthful and accurate – even regarding sealed records and charges or cases that were dismissed.
  • Drug and alcohol use.  Again, be truthful. It is likely that any such use would be uncovered in the interviews with family, employers, neighbors and people who are close to you.
  • Financial history, bankruptcies, delinquent payments, etc. You should pull your credit report and make sure to list anything potentially adverse. Be advised that the investigators will also be doing this.
  • Access and use of information technology
  • Civil court actions

If you are seeking approval for federal government work without a security clearance, you must complete the SF85 application. It can be viewed using this link: SF85P QUESTIONNAIRE FOR PUBLIC TRUST POSITIONS 

As with the SF86, the application requests basically all the same information requested in the SF86.

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